Friday, December 29, 2023

A dream house my opinoin

What is the ideal house for me? First the placement. If possible, it should be on the border with a forest and a river. The sun must shine on it most of the time. It should be made of wood and have very large windows. Of course, there should be external and internal blinds. To become a completely passive house, there must be a minimum 15-kilowatt solar system on the roof or in the yard plus a battery for energy storage. This energy should independently supply all electrical consumers in the house. The house should have a heating and cooling system, using a heat pump. The water for the house should be from a well. Connected to the home system. At least 2000 square meters of land to the house. In 1,000 square meters, if possible, sow all kinds of fruit-bearing trees. Five hundred square meters is enough for vegetables and a small greenhouse. One hundred square meters for a small home fish pond. At the orchards, you can release two sheep to graze and at the same time, you can use their milk. Several hives with honey bees. A few hens to get eggs. A few logs can be injected with mushroom mycelium to produce additional food. In the vegetable garden, it should be distributed in such a way that there is also the possibility of harvesting herbs and spices. After preparing the winter food from most of the harvest of fruits or vegetables, you can sell and cover your costs for additional needs. Which you cannot produce yourself, for example, salt or sugar. Expenses for clothing or necessities you need. Such a passive house can meet your costs by up to ninety percent. If such a house is not a dream, then everything else is a luxury and already enters the column of greed.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

Friday, December 22, 2023

How the objectives are achieved

  In fact, my whole second book is about that. How to prepare in advance. How to choose a team. How to act in certain situations. But there are several pages of Prince Till winning the duel for Princess Nessia. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary fairy tale about a prince and a princess. But if, a person can not only read but also understand and assimilate what is written. He can learn from Prince Till's actions. While everyone else is focused on showing off their skills to others and constantly staring at the princess. They lose concentration. They forget the main task. Only Prince Till is focused on the obstacles themselves. This applies with full force in our daily life. Many people are interested in what others think about his photos on social networks. How many people will like it? What blouse to buy to look good. Where to take the photo to attract the attention of others. His thoughts are focused on others, and how they praise him. It doesn't matter if, will something stupid or dangerous for him. Will these photos in time not be detrimental to him. The important thing is to get more likes. Goals are in the background. Therefore, it takes much longer to achieve them. If it reaches them at all. I soon discovered that Bill Gates was unhappy with the Internet. I have no idea exactly, but the internet is at least 70% full of nonsense. I looked at the latest study. The Programme for International Student Assessment is a test that assesses the functional literacy of students in different countries around the world and their ability to apply knowledge in practice. The results are definitely getting worse. It's because of social media. Yes, I believe that the educational system is already outdated for the time. Yes, it should be optimized. People, don't concentrate on their goals, just on social media. There is nothing rosy in our future. 

Friday, December 15, 2023

Problems with energy sources

I came across an article in Visual CapitalistFossil fuels account for nearly 90 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. Energy production does not only lead to carbon emissions. This can cause accidents and air pollution, which hurts human life. Interestingly, coal produces 820 tons of CO₂ per gigawatt. The Petrol produces 720 tons of CO2 per gigawatt. Natural gas produces 490 tons of CO₂ per gigawatt. Biomass 78-230 tons of CO₂ per gigawatt. Hydropower 34 tons of CO₂ per gigawatt. Solar 5 tons of CO₂ per gigawatt. Wind 4 tons of CO₂ per gigawatt. Nuclear energy is 3 tons of CO₂ per gigawatt. More interestingly, Air pollution and accidents from the extraction and combustion of coal fuels are responsible for about 25 deaths per terawatt-hour, according to Our World in Data? Of solar, wind, and nuclear are only 0.03 deaths per terawatt-hour of eleĸtpoeĸng. What follows? We have a choice to keep harming ourselves or switch to the safer for humans as soon as possible. I know there is no magic wand to change everything overnight. But like any normal, human being it is good to do everything in our power to switch to safer energy sources as quickly as possible. In my third book 'Heir to the Dynasty' I even stress about this in general.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

Friday, December 8, 2023

Multiply your money with the dividend kings

 Some companies have been paying dividends for over fifty years. What this means. Kind of instead of getting interest from the bank. This is the one plus. The other main option is that they also increase in value. If you receive a salary and have no loans. Some numbers are accumulating in your account that you cannot spend. As it turns out, you have such an opportunity almost every month. Money is accumulating in your bank account, but is it outpacing inflation? I do not believe it. However, if you invest this excess money in a developed business/company with dividends/. You have an opportunity to manage your money. A way to make money work for you. Besides growing, you can also get interest on your money constantly. The companies listed below are proven to grow your money.

American States Water, Dover, Emerson Electric, Genuine Parts,  Northwest Natural, Parker-Hannifin, Procter & Gamble, 3M, Cincinnati Financial, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Lancaster Colony, Nordson, Hormel Foods, California Water Service, ABM Industries, Commerce Bancshares, Federal Realty Inv. Trust, SJW, Stanley Black & Decker, Stepan Company, H.B. Fuller, Altria Group, Sysco, National Fuel Gas, Kimberly-Clark, Abbott Laboratories, Becton Dickinson, PepsiCo, Target, PPG Industries, ADM, Nucor, Middlesex, Bank of Nova Scotia, Church & Dwight, CIBC, Church & Dwight, Eli Lilly, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, General Mills, Hawaiian Electric, American Electric Power, Union Pacific, Royal Bank of Canada, Avista, MGE Energy, Bank of Montreal, Ingersoll-Rand.

The most interesting thing is that one has a choice of so many companies. These are proven North American companies. In another article, I will write about European and Asian companies.

Money as it moves/works/grows.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

Friday, December 1, 2023

Let's learn from the successful

 Everyone interested in investing in stocks, I guess, has at least heard of him. Author of books and "teacher" of the next generations of financiers. Benjamin Graham is one of the successful professional investors, researcher of financial markets, and lecturer at Columbia University. Graham was the first to clearly distinguish investing from speculating. It defines investments as stock market operations carried out based on detailed analysis, from which a satisfactorily high return can be expected at a low level of risk. Any other way of trading, according to him, is speculative. He has indeed left a lot of materials with which we can gain knowledge. But certainly, his principles are interesting and qualitatively oriented. Principle No. 1 Always invest within safe limits This is a principle for buying a stock at a significant discount from its intrinsic value, which assumes, in addition to bringing a high return, but also minimizing risk. This concept is very important for investors to note that value buying can provide significant gains after the market inevitably revalues the stock and raises it to its fair value. It also provides downside protection if things don't go as planned and the business takes a nosedive. Principle #2 Expect volatility and profit from it Investing in stocks means dealing with volatility. Instead of fleeing the market during turmoil, the smart investor welcomes corrections as a chance to find excellent buying opportunities. Use it to find good deals or take profits when investments become too overvalued. And remember, Graham's philosophy was, first and foremost, to protect capital and then try to grow it. Principle #3 Know what kind of investor you are. Graham advises every investor to know themselves. To illustrate this, he makes a clear distinction between the different groups operating in the stock market: Speculators vs. Investors. Not all people in the market are investors. Graham believed that it was very important for everyone to determine whether they were an investor or a speculator. The difference is simple: the investor views the stock as part of a business and a shareholder, the owner of that business, while the speculator views himself as a player in expensive securities with no intrinsic value. Look in the mirror and ask yourself this question. Am I a speculator or an investor? If you feel like an investor, you are likely to stay longer on the stock market. Because you believe that this business can feed you. If you feel like a speculator, you are much more likely to beat the market than an investor. But there are always little problems in life. As a speculator, you will pay much more fees. Load frequent purchases and sales. The probability of hitting a mine under your feet increases. Everything in life is not luck.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

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