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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Life rewards those who dare to take action

 Do you ever find yourself sighing in despair, feeling stuck or lost when trying to turn your dreams into reality? Have you been constantly praying, wishing, or hoping for something and it just doesn't seem to materialize, causing you to doubt your worth or divine favor? You are not alone. Most of us have been there, just like the little boy in the inspiring and transformative story.  "God gives but we must make an effort to receive"  from the book Manners in the Great Kingdom. The story takes you into the life of a young boy who prays every day to become rich so that he can have the best horses and the most beautiful house, just like rich children. Although he prays that the juiciest apple will fall from the tree, none falls at his request. Upset, he believes that God doesn't love him. But then Prince Max enters his life and changes his perspective forever. Max teaches the boy and you, the reader, the profound philosophical lesson of action. Prayer is not enough; one must also act on their desires. With coin and stone in hand, Prince Max makes the boy realize that just wanting the coin won't make him his; he must reach out to own it. This powerful message permeates the pages, teaching the importance of preparation and determination to achieve your goals, whether it's picking an apple or owning a beautiful house. This is just one of Prince Max's stories outside of his encounters with the sages from other kingdoms. Buy the little book with over 25 stories where you can learn many other important wisdoms for your life. Life rewards those who dare to take action. So don't just wish, act! My recommendation? Stories full of priceless wisdom that has the power to change your perspective and transform your life.

Friday, October 6, 2023

Answer the questions as quickly as possible

One of the best tests for a person is to measure their intelligence. I don't think a person can be gifted in all areas. But it should definitely be able to answer certain questions roughly accurately. Because our whole everyday life is connected with questions and answers. Every morning we wake up with the thought of being good and successful. We set ourselves tasks to complete and at the end of the day, we take stock of whether the day was a success or a failure. If there is a task, there must be a solution. If there is a question, there must be an answer. Sometimes we look for answers and can't find them. Where we fail. But one can always build on oneself by learning. Especially what interests him. Below I will write you the shortest IQ test. At least that's what they call it. It consists of three questions.

1. A bat and a ball cost a total of £1.10. The bat cost £1 more than the ball. How much is the ball worth?

2. If 5 machines take 5 minutes to make 5 parts, how long does it take 100 machines to make 100 parts?

3. There is a leaf in the middle of a lake. Every day the leaf doubles in size. It will take him 48 days to cover the entire lake. Then how many days will it take him to cover half the lake?

The idea is to answer the questions in as little time as possible. Just try to answer the questions and then search for the answers. I know that on the Internet everyone can always find the answers to many things, but the idea is for you to think correctly. To solve tasks that at first glance seem very easy, but actually require more thinking. Good luck with the tasks. If you really succeed, then you can make a plan for your next goal. If not, but you have found the answers on the Internet, it is not a failure. So you have the courage to look for the answers to the tasks. I guess that's how you can also find solutions to your problems

Author Sezgin Ismailov

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Nothing personal just thinking out loud.

 Soon I came across many articles against the big companies and especially against the Chinese state. How they pollute the air and harm humanity. I have nothing against the free writing of people or journalists. But are they correct in their conclusions? Let's assume that every product produced by a large company is bought by the common man. Shouldn't we pay a little attention to our own actions? Everyone goes and buys a product, for example, a phone, that is made in China. Regardless of whether it is from the company from America or Europe. Is it just a phone? For example, I know people who spit on rich companies. It is determined by their actions when they replace their TV, that it was from a few years ago, and he wants to have the latest model. Another sees that they are advertising the latest model fridge but its design is nicer and decides to renew it even if it is a payoff but he needs to be able to take a picture for social media in front of a good-looking fridge full of products. Everyone is on social networks and it does not occur to him that this software to support so many people needs more and more hardware that needs electricity. Everyone is trying to buy a new t-shirt so that people who look at his profile can say that he is chic. At the moment, there is such a euphoria in the world about the mania to own electronic money that does not stop, what resources are needed for this. They campaign in the financial media about how important it is for the future, but they don't think about the consequences. Do you think that large corporations would produce a product that is NOT in demand? If there are no buyers they will definitely reduce their production. If all other countries did not demand goods from China, would they produce them? At the moment, the situation is such that if China only closes its borders for six months, not for people but for goods that the rest of the world needs, I have no idea what could happen. Don't think China is making any toys for thrift stores. From the iPhone to the medicines of the needy. In recent years, nearly 80 percent of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. But when they become rich through their labor, they are the bad guys. In recent years, I have witnessed the politics of American presidents. They are not giving American citizens a better life, but they are struggling to slow down the Chinese economy so that it does not become the number one economy. A simple example is that they put customs duties on goods and so on, the average person simply pays more for the product. I think everyone should think about what they can contribute and not blame others for their own mistakes. For example, I don't have a smartphone yet. To use my laptop, but only for work, to write, or to quickly visit the post office. Visit Meta or LinkedIn weekly. I can't deny that every day I visit at least one financial site to get an idea of what I should invest in. Everyone is right for himself, whatever he says, but our actions must be in the right direction to protect the planet.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

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