Monday, July 22, 2024

Faith in pharmaceutical companies

I had an interesting conversation with people who have a very bad opinion of pharmaceutical companies. They were convinced that they were a company that wiped out the human population. They didn't even want to hear my opinion. That's why I took the liberty of writing it here. As far as I know from history, without vaccines and medicines, man could hardly prolong life. I am not an advocate or a spokesperson. But my opinion is that the word medicine means to cure. Regardless of whether it is an herb or a tea made from different herbs or minerals, aren't medicines made from them? It was chemistry. Aren't these ingredients from our planet? Isn't the research done based on what can stop the causative bacteria? A drug had to be discovered for a minimum of seven years. Not in a year. Don't we live in the era of fast communications and fast computers? It's one thing to discover the formula; it's another thing to produce the drug itself. Don't the big companies have research centers? Don't they get government subsidies? Which politicians would vote money to cut their constituents? What company would want to destroy its customers? There is no logic. I admit that if a drug helps one, it can harm another. Everyone organizes the reception differently, and therefore there are opportunities for problems. But, in general, not believing them is insulting. However, the hope is in this. Until we get into a situation, but with climate change and the melting of the ice, what diseases will befall us? Hygiene is the number-one factor. Healthy food is number two. Sports and maintaining the body are number three. But medicines will always be a necessary spare part of many people's lives. Let's hope we don't have to use them.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

It's time to redefine your understanding of wealth because wealth isn't about the display;

Have you ever wondered why the super-rich, with wealth far exceeding that of average millionaires, opt for a lifestyle draped in far less ostentatious, yet more power-imbued style? What is the secret that separates these billionaires and millionaires, particularly when it comes to displaying their wealth? The distinction lies not merely in the zeros that add to their bank balance but rather in their attitudes, tastes, and principles that govern their wealth display. As captivating as it may sound, it's the humble approach the wealthiest keep towards their life that encourages them to lead an unpretentious and less flamboyant life, in contrast to the typical millionaire archetype. The first trait that you'll notice is the super-rich's inclination towards subdued opulence. Instead of public extravagance, they prefer inconspicuous consumption, viewing their riches as a tool for their distinctive way of life, not a baton to bathe in unabashed luxury. It's the discretion in consumption that the super-rich find more appealing, where quality prevails over quantity, and experience over materiality. Luxury cars, diamond-studded accessories, massive mansions may appear to be an obvious depiction of wealth. Still, the reality is, they are more often signs of aspiring wealth, not the wealth achieved. Unlike the millionaires, who may rush to display their new affluent status, the super wealthy are often quiet about their fortune. There is a secret language that the super-rich have, that is not in the overt display of wealth but in the pursuit of a life rich in experiences, personal development, and contributing back to society. Your billionaire living next door might have a luxurious lifestyle but in a perpetually understated manner. They may opt for an experience at an exclusive retreat rather than a high-end resort, prefer handmade craft above flashy brands because the luxury for them is in the subtlety of experience and the pursuit of understated excellence. It's their secretive recipe for a satisfying life, entailing a deeper gratification than what tangible assets could offer. The super-rich and average millionaires aren't simply divided by the difference in their net worth, but by their attitudes and approaches towards wealth. While this thought might make you wonder about your understanding of wealth, it's crucial to comprehend such insights. Real wealth isn't about being able to purchase all luxuries but to live life on your terms.  It's time to redefine your understanding of wealth because wealth isn't about the display; it's about the values it embodies.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Whoever does what, in the end, does it for himself.

 This folk saying is very true. Looked at from many angles, in the end, the conclusions turn out to be true. Regardless, the consequences can affect many people. There are times when we are not in the mood, and it has a big impact on our actions and thoughts. That's why it's good if we plan to start doing something that matters to others; it's good to improve the mood. How? Psychologists say that if a person is not in the mood, it is enough to look at the flames of the fireplace or the fish in the aquarium. Also, seeing a smiling child can instantly put you in the mood. Imagine that you are going to a job interview. Isn't it better to be in a good mood? You are going on a first date; isn't it better to present yourself as a positive person? You have to invest the accumulated savings of a year or two in the stock market, and the mood can lead you astray. On the road, if you drive, you will not be concentrated, and there are many such examples.It is embedded in our very psychology, and we are always looking for the happiness and goodness that lie ahead. If we try to give smiles to people and they smile back, Won't we feel better? No matter how unfair life seems to us, we can at least make it beautiful for us. Because of our mood, we may have helped a person, who may subsequently help an entire community or, on the contrary, cause harm. According to the laws of physics, everything comes back like a boomerang. No matter how much we bang our heads, the saying applies with full force to every person.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

What is the duty of a teacher?

I watch the German film The Teacher and admire it. I can only say that such films should be mandatory for anyone training to be a teacher. Very good performance by the actors, but kudos to the writers. Why did I like it? In truth, every teacher must care for children in order to succeed. To help them in times like this movie. There is no division of religion or problem children. The very word teacher means that you make an effort to teach someone something morally and knowledge-wise. Not everyone is a teacher. Some are salarymen. They sing their lesson and collect their salary. Others who really manage to change the way of life of many people for the better. It's not easy, I guess, with so many children in one place. But real teachers find an approach and a way to provoke a student. Everyone is aware that education and the right path lead to better things. If all the teachers are harnessed in the whole process, there won't be many people who would think of harming others. Because the world is flooded with killing games only. Books and movies, mostly crime fiction. I have no idea where the world is going. But I know there are ways to get the worst out of a person through sports and racing. I must have devoted my second book, The Wealth of the Great Kingdom, to writing about how schools are created and why. I had also described there how to choose the teachers. It is true that the teacher is also a person with emotions. But only they can change the way children think. Bad thoughts from their environment.  Does the system need to be changed? But this is the only way to create a better future for humanity. Proper education starts from the beginning.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Knowledge, and its significant impact on human life

Knowledge is wealth. This is because knowledge is something that you can never lose or have taken away from you. It is an asset that will always be valuable and can be used to generate more wealth.  Knowledge is power. This is because knowledge gives you the ability to make better decisions, understand complex situations, and ultimately have more control over your life. Knowledge is the future. This is because knowledge is the key to success in the ever-changing world. Those who have the most knowledge will be the ones who are able to adapt and thrive in the future. Knowledge, they say, is power. There's truth in this old saying, but it's more than just power. It's a guide. It's freedom. And most importantly, it's the fuel that propels humanity forward. In a world increasingly characterized by complexity, navigating the restless sea of life is no small feat. It requires a reliable compass. And that compass is knowledge. It lights our way through the darkest of times, illuminates our path, and provides the roadmap that leads to successful outcomes. At its core, knowledge is a detailed understanding or awareness acquired through experience or education. It's an invaluable asset helping us to interpret, understand, and react to a myriad of situations daily.  Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have the Midas touch? Everything they set their hands on turns into a veritable gold mine. The secret lies not in any mystical power or rare superhuman ability they possess, but in knowledge.  In modern society, knowledge is the key determinant of societal advancement and personal progress. Those who wield knowledge well are better fitted for survival. They thrive in the face of challenges, build successful careers, and effect meaningful change in their communities. The beauty of knowledge is that it's not static. It continues to expand, evolve, and develop, just as humans do. Our understanding of the world, the cosmos, and even ourselves continues to deepen, thanks to the ever-evolving repository of knowledge. Applied knowledge also forms the foundation of innovation. Inventions, groundbreaking technological advancements, and many societal progressions have their origins in the application of knowledge. So, it's evident that knowledge not only enriches life but also pushes the boundaries of what's possible. Now, as you reflect on the potency of knowledge, it's essential to remember the crucial role continuous learning plays in knowledge acquisition. Lifelong learning unlocks untold opportunities, broadening our horizons, and equipping us with diverse skills to tackle life’s complexities effectively.  In this era of information explosion, the challenge isn't access to information but sifting through and determining what's valid and useful. Knowledge isn’t merely information; it’s knowing how to apply the relevant information effectively when the time comes. So, if there's one investment that can yield inestimable returns, it's undoubtedly the investment in knowledge. Here's to celebrating the quest for knowledge, the journey to enlightenment, and the courage to keep learning. The world is an open book brimming with knowledge; all you need is the desire to explore it.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

Friday, June 21, 2024

Climate problems are gaining strength

 I am neither an ecologist nor a statistician. You don't need to read any articles to understand climate problems anymore. There is not a day in which there is no anomaly on our planet. I think there is no one who has not felt the high temperatures. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, fires, and so on. I doubt there are people who do not worry about this problem. The problem is definitely clear to children and adults. The question is: who is doing what about it? Anyone can say, for example, I was walking on Sunday, and I didn't have to turn on the engine of the car. I planted a tree in the yard; that's still something. Is that enough? If you ask the manager of a multi-billion-dollar company, he will say: We financed a wind farm or a solar farm from where we get electricity. We are an ecological company. You look at their product. It uses only two kilowatts per hour. Now let's calculate these 2 kilowatts per hour by the millions of products produced by them. I don't want to slander anyone. It is certain that I also use some other device. Isn't it time, really, that the smart politicians played great people and started working for the planet? It is our home, after all. Isn't it time politicians divert money to protecting the planet instead of making weapons? Are they sure that they will never be overtaken by a storm or some disaster? Does the sun only shine over their country? The clouds, which are formed by the heat, rain only there or in the interior, where they are blown away. His neighbor's house is on fire. I wonder how he is confident in his own safety. Here, the problem is no longer the neighbor or the other with the other faith. With the other skin color. The man who doesn't speak his language. The problem is very, very big. If we reason, in principle, there will be a flood after me. This is self-destruction. Why is that so? Because let me win as much as possible. I only have a few million, never mind that fifty dollars is enough for my daily consumption. Everything is based on greed and power. We're ready to destroy the future, just to be the big deal now. It's a pity that every politician wins with knowledge, not like in the old days when he was physically strong.

Monday, June 10, 2024

Discontent and poverty go hand in hand

 The European elections have passed. The results are a reflection of the state of people in the various European countries. You can hear any opinions. Nearly fifty percent do not vote. Why . They don't care who distributes their tax money. Apparently, they don't care or don't have faith in politicians anymore. Nearly fifteen percent vote for hard-line parties. At least that's what the other parties call them. However, do the other parties ask themselves why this percentage votes for the so-called extreme parties? It's true; the coronavirus had its impact. True, the immigration raids had an impact. True, rising interest rates have had an impact. True, the rise in groceries has had an impact. It is true that European companies need human resources. I believe that the circumstances are such. But that's what politicians are for. To adopt appropriate laws on time. To prevent people from getting into a difficult situation. To reshape the budget for the benefit of the people. Imagine a family on a budget. In those few years, almost everything has doubled. This family, which could subsist on this budget, is now in such a situation that they cannot cover their expenses. What is left for them is to look for other rulers. This is the truth. I don't believe that whoever comes will have a magic wand to fix things. For as long as the world can remember, it has been getting better. But he didn't manage to recover. But I cannot blame those people who are looking for, at least in a peaceful way, an opportunity to help themselves. It is not fair for the ruling politicians to call them extreme. It would be better to sit down and talk about how they can help them. If there really is no way out, then, over time, things can get out of control. Let me assume that there are extremely nationalist sentiments. But this election was more of a signal of people's discontent because of their financial situation. It is true that people who know the psychology of people take advantage of this to break into politics. If they are very good citizens, they can offer their ideas for the benefit of the people. To use the divide and rule dilemma, Therefore, those politicians who think of the welfare of the people should take care of the problems of most people before supporting bad ideas. This is my personal opinion.

Faith in pharmaceutical companies

I had an interesting conversation with people who have a very bad opinion of pharmaceutical companies. They were convinced that they were a ...