Friday, April 12, 2024

The Rise and Fall of Great Empires

 I am writing my fifth book about the unforgettable figures of history. I had to read a lot about personalities. Apart from them, I also learned indirectly about the past much more than I thought I knew. But I don't want to concentrate on the past, but on the future.Nothing has changed for thousands of years. At least human nature is getting greedier. Everyone who has led a strong country has sought to conquer another. To subdue her is a big deal. There are very few heroes of the past who were tolerant.  I just realized, for these two or three thousand, no one resisted. No matter how strong they were, they always fail in the end. It's just inevitable. As the Roman, Byzantine, Mongolian and subsequent orders have lost their greatness. Now looking at the politics of the big countries. Only words are great. No proper actions. Let's assume that now the USA is strong with its dollar, Russia with its territory, China with its population and production and Europe with its democracy. It is only a matter of time before the US loses its dominance, fueled by its bad policies.. Not immediately, but in the next 100 years neither will it be the most developed economy nor will the dollar succeed with its dominance. Bad management policy. It's one thing to pretend to be the world's policeman, it's another thing to make mistakes by giving weapons to some. Afterwards, give food to others who are shot with your weapons. We live in an age of technology and information reaches almost everyone. America is losing credibility with each passing day. Let's not comment on the dollar, for a few years people even believe in some kind of electronic money where one power outage and you have nothing. But they realize that it is safer than the dollar. Russia is the country with the most land, possibly the most natural resources. A country of good people and bad managers. One thing is for sure, the Russians have rarely come across a normal manager. No matter how much the Soviet Union tries to return its old borders, at most in the age of technology, Russia itself will eventually become smaller in territory. Whatever it costs to open its borders to those who wish and give an opportunity to increase its people than to conquer other territories. China as a supplier to the world is currently tame. But it's a ticking time bomb. While supplying the world and seeing the discontent of others. Because he goes out, feeds a dog to bark at you. but every criticism against it makes it stronger and more innovative. Over time, the danger of becoming very, very strong hides management risks that are unpredictable. Europe is old and has suffered a lot. He knows the consequences. It is between a rock and a hard place. For now, only between the USA, Russia and China. But the time will not be far when Africa will also be a factor. I'm not talking about the next ten or twenty years. But a hundred years pass quickly. But Europe is very divided in its thinking. It pretends to be democratic, but at the same time it is very duplicitous. It inculcates nationalism, and itself is a mixture of many nationalities. This also leads to division by religion. No idea, but some people don't learn from their past and teach others. I don't know a Jew personally, but there is no stopping why they don't like them. In history I learned that not only Hitler had something against them. They have had their problems since Egypt, then during the Inquisition. Whether it's religion or something else, you won't know until you ask your neighbor for some salt.Is it so important to dominate than to help? Apparently, when you sit in the seat of power, the human psyche changes.How the world exists has not changed. I guess there is no hope of normal human coexistence.

Friday, April 5, 2024

With your vote, you contribute to the future of your money.

 The movement of money and the fundamental factors. I am definitely not a stock player who buys today and sells tomorrow. But I visit various groups and see them arguing and looking for a quick buck. Many people will say you should do fundamental analysis. Other technical analysis, most you need to know both. Specialists a lot. For me, it is important to choose from 3 to 10 stocks maximum. Three favorites up to 50 percent of the portfolio and the rest where you can average the risk. Everyone quotes Mr. Buffett, but their actions want to get rich if they can right now.If you look at Mr. Buffett's portfolio he has bought and held for years and his patience pays off. Because there are good moments but also bad. I also think that by investing you have really already chosen, you should hold for years. But what causes stock prices to fluctuate constantly? Demand and supply. When there is demand they go up. And the opposite holds true. But what makes this happen. One is the media, the other is the company's profits. The last, perhaps most important, politics. Not only the most important, but also the most significant that leads to the consequences. With the media, some big players (analysts) may be looking for a little volatility with the statement. To make their customers a little more money. The second option for the company's income, what affects it the most. Bad service or product. Regulatory obstacles. Competitiveness. If it's bad service, it's their own fault. Yes, competitiveness is now also a factor in unfair competition. But regulatory hurdles are the biggest factor. Finally we come to the politicians. So that politicians ultimately decide the fate of billions of people in the world. How, for example, in the case of friction between two countries and entire businesses go to the cinema.A company close to the politicians enjoys a subsidy. Government contracts that support large revenues. Yes, in case of major financial crises, the politicians are still to blame because they did not do their job. In an epidemic there, it's already God's work. But in conflicts between countries, the politicians are to blame. Out of nowhere, some group of people acquires a weapon. We're back to regulation or unenacted laws to outright ban guns. So instead of just following the company you worry about, will it make you a little richer. Think when you vote what kind of people you are voting for, nothing personal. Even with your vote you contribute to the future of your money.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Aspiration and hope

 What it takes to be free. Learning to let go of things, to hope, to strive, is much more difficult than to hold on to them. It is human nature to view ourselves in terms of what belongs to us, and thus we become attached to old objects and situations, broken relationships, and even meaningless goals. We accumulate frustration, dwell on past mistakes, and attach sentimental value to worthless things. These burdens can hinder our ability to explore, create, and discover ourselves. Why is it so hard to let go of them? Sometimes this is because material things carry sentimental value. We may be guided by past experiences or future expectations. Items with sentimental value from the past include a souvenir from your vacation, a bracelet you wore on your first date, or a mug your grandmother gave you. Items with sentimental value for the future could be a box of art supplies (hoping to learn to paint one day), a collection of architecture books (which you will definitely start studying someday), or dumbbells (you plan to start working out one day ). Getting rid of them is like saying goodbye to a dream. And sometimes we don't want to be wasteful. We think we might need them again or feel guilty about spending money on them. This is the misconception of frivolous spending. A great way to detach from things is to do it gradually. Start with the easy stuff: gadgets you haven't used in years, old documents of little value, or just things you don't even remember what they are or what they're for. Gradually move on to more meaningful things by asking yourself: Why do I care about this item? If some things are dear to you, keep them to yourself. Sticking to goals can be an invisible burden that we carry without noticing. They may not align with our current aspirations, but they still influence our decisions and actions. We often cling to outdated goals driven by an illusory sense of duty to a younger version of ourselves. For example, you have to climb the corporate ladder only because of family expectations. Financial goals, reaching a certain level of wealth or buying a property by a certain age can also put a lot of pressure on you. The burden of abandoned goals can even manifest itself in areas that are normally considered positive. For example, wanting to run a marathon even though your health doesn't allow it, or pursuing higher education even though it's not practical due to your current life circumstances. In many cases, specific goals can limit learning opportunities. Some of the most exciting discoveries happen by accident. Why do I care about this goal? Most goals can be transformed into solid strategies based on enjoying the process without focusing solely on the end result. Letting go of the past is challenging because in a sense you have to part with a part of yourself. Experiencing forms the basis of who we are, and freeing ourselves from the burden of past memories means reexamining our identity.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Neues Buch „Der Erbe der Dynastie“ online verfügbar ist.

 Ich freue mich, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass mein neues Buch „Der Erbe der Dynastie“ online verfügbar ist. E-Book-Papier, Papier-Hardcover. Auf Englisch und Deutsch. Eine faszinierende Geschichte über Geheimnisse und Prüfungen.

Am Ufer des Rheins erhebt sich eine majestätische, riesige Burg. Dieses Schloss ist auf keiner Landkarte verzeichnet, und im Internet findet man kein Wort darüber. Es ist der Sitz der Geheimen Weltregierung, einer alten Königsfamilie mit einer jahrtausendealten Geschichte. Der König und die Königin sind alt geworden und sehen sich nach Erben um. Ihre Tochter Nesia, die den Thron erben soll, reist seit 20 Jahren durch die Welt, um sie kennen zu lernen. Ihr Sohn Henry hat sich der Heilung von Menschen verschrieben. Ihre Enkelkinder leben als einfache Bürger und sind sich ihrer königlichen Abstammung nicht bewusst. Doch der König und die Königin haben beschlossen, dass es an der Zeit ist, mit ihrer Ausbildung zu beginnen. Um ihren Wert zu beweisen, müssen die Enkelkinder eine Reihe von Prüfungen und Aufgaben bestehen, die ihre Intelligenz, ihren Verstand und ihren Mut auf die Probe stellen. Am Ende der Geschichte versammeln sich alle im großen Schloss und die verborgenen Geheimnisse werden gelüftet. Nesia kehrt von ihrer Reise zurück, um den Thron zu übernehmen und eine neue goldene Zeit für die Geheime Weltregierung zu beginnen.

Lassen Sie sich diese faszinierende Geschichte voller Abenteuer und Geheimnisse nicht entgehen! Wo zu kaufen: Die E-Books werden in Online-E-Book-Shops wie Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books usw. erhältlich sein. Taschenbuch- und Hardcover-Bücher werden in Online-Buchhandlungen wie Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Tolino usw. sowie im Buchhandel erhältlich sein.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

A fascinating story of secrets and trials - The Heir of the Dynasty

I am thrilled to announce that my new book, The Heir of the Dynasty, will be available in e-stores after 03/27/2024! 


In English and German

A fascinating story of secrets and trials

On the banks of the Rhine stands a majestic castle, unmarked on the map and hidden from the Internet. It is home to the Secret World Government - an ancient royal family with a thousand-year history.

The king and queen, realizing their advancing age, are looking for heirs. Their daughter Nessia, destined for the throne, has been traveling the world for 20 years to get to know him. Their son Henry has devoted his life to healing people. Their grandchildren, unaware of their royal ancestry, live ordinary lives.

But it's training time! The king and queen put their grandchildren through a series of tests to test their intelligence, resourcefulness, and courage.

The thrilling finale

At the climax of the story, the characters gather in the castle, where hidden secrets are revealed. Nessia returns from her travels to take the throne and lead the Secret World Government into a new golden age.

Welcome to the world of The Heir of the Dynasty!

Don't miss this fascinating story full of adventure and secrets!

Where to buy: The e-books will be available on online e-book stores such as Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books, etc. Paperback and hardcover books will be available at online bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Tolino, etc., as well as in bookstores.

The Wealth of the Great Kingdom is a remarkable and unique book

 The Wealth of the Great Kingdom  is a remarkable and unique book that imparts profound wisdom and philosophical truths about life. Within the enchanting setting of a fantasy kingdom under the rule of a benevolent and visionary king, readers are taken on an extraordinary journey. The protagonist, Prince Max, embarks on a captivating quest to explore neighboring realms and unravel the secrets of a successful state. In his quest, he establishes schools catering to individuals of diverse social backgrounds and recruits capable teachers to empower the kingdom’s citizens. Prince Max’s noble ambition is to create a flourishing society where educated individuals can contribute to their country’s growth based on their unique skills and talents. Along this inspiring journey, he encounters the enchanting Mary, and their blossoming relationship adds a captivating layer of romance to the narrative. Will Prince Maxvid readers interested in politics and statecraft, this book offers a wealth of thought-provoking insights. Its exploration of the fundamental elements that contribute to a prosperous and harmonious kingdom is truly captivating. The focus on education and the country’s orderly nature presents an alluring contrast to the contemporary Western democratic landscape. Moreover, the narrative possesses an enchanting fairy tale quality that will surely delight fantasy enthusiasts. It is worth mentioning that while the characters play a significant role in exploring profound philosophical concepts, a deeper level of development would have further enhanced their relatability. At times, they felt somewhat constrained and solely used as vehicles for philosophical ideas. The writing style bears a distinctive flair, and the vivid descriptions of the environment and architectural wonders within the kingdom allowed me to immerse myself in the story.

The Wealth of the Great Kingdom can be embraced as an uplifting guide for cultivating moral thoughts and actions that ultimately lead to personal success. Sezgin beautifully demonstrates that true wealth and power are not prerequisites for achieving one’s goals; rather, authentic happiness stems from embracing moral values to succeed in achieving his ambitions while simultaneously embracing true love?

A small book with a lot of useful information

 Knowledge is wealth: This is because knowledge is something that you can never lose or have taken away from you. It is an asset that will always be valuable and can be used to generate more wealth.  Knowledge is power: This is because knowledge gives you the ability to make better decisions, understand complex situations, and ultimately have more control over your life.  Knowledge is the future: This is because knowledge is the key to success in the ever-changing world. Those who have the most knowledge will be the ones who can adapt and thrive in the future.If you are interested in a book that can help you a lot, this is it. 👉 Manners in the great kingdom .

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 Author Sezgin Ismailov

The Rise and Fall of Great Empires

  I am writing my fifth book about the unforgettable figures of history. I had to read a lot about personalities. Apart from them, I also le...