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Friday, October 27, 2023

In the era of robots - what are the challenges

 Interesting topic. If you ask this in Google Bard or Bing you will get such words.

In the age of robots, many people are concerned about what will happen to jobs. As robots become more sophisticated and capable, they will be able to automate many tasks that are currently performed by humans. This could lead to widespread job displacement and unemployment. However, there are also many potential benefits of the robot age. Robots could free people from the need to perform tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing us to focus on more creative and meaningful work. They could also help us solve some of the world's biggest challenges, such as climate change and disease. Here are some specific examples of what people could do in the age of robots: Jobs in the creative industries: Robots are unlikely to replace human creativity, so there will still be a need for artists, writers, musicians, and other creative professionals. Written like the best secretary. Whether we want it or not, it will happen or is already happening. I hope they really help people. When they become available, especially for domestic helpers, I am sure that the demand will be the greatest. Then it will be fashionable to go to the park with him. Won't that limit pet viewing? As far as I know the psyche of people, and everything else will be secondary. God forbid the newborns. Yes, heavy industry really needs it. But are governments ready in the age of misunderstanding? Such as religious discrimination, racial discrimination, struggle for power to distribute the due portion for the human needs of the unemployed. The question remains open. Every evil is for good. But there is another side to the coin.

Monday, October 31, 2022

The new future robotics companies

New opportunities, new horizons. The use of robotics creates more opportunities for innovation in new businesses and opportunities for growth. Yes, cutting manpower but improving quality. Throughout human history, start-ups have played a key role in creating new industries and providing economic opportunity to the wider society. Startups often incubate an entirely new type of industry that technology accelerates. Robot companies represent businesses that have grown over the past decade, as well as industries that have been disrupted by the advances created by those businesses. These improvements continue to create unexpected opportunities for startups and large businesses alike. I assume that these companies described below will be the engines of the production sector in time. Especially if they manage to implement artificial intelligence in their machines. Regardless, there are already many robots created by them involved in the production cycle. I don't want to predict, but in fifteen years, production will be over 60 percent by robots than by humans. "ABB ", "Universal Robots Technologies ", "iRobot ", "Yaskawa", "Fanuc", "Zebra Technologies", "Yamaha ", "Nvidia ", " DENSO", "Midea Group", "Kuka", "Mitsubishi", "Adept Technology Inc", "Apex Automation" "Aurotek ", "Stäubli", "Kawasaki ", "Robotics ", "Siemens", "Honda", "Toyota", "SIASUN", "ESTUN", "EFORT", "JAKA Robot", "Panasonic", "Hyundai ". These are just the famous names. But you can always look for something you like to invest in.
Author Sezgin Ismailov

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