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Saturday, November 12, 2022

This is why money likes to move not sit. Learn to manage money not have it.

 Much has been written on this subject , but I am expressing my opinion.
First you need to know what a stock is and how many types there are.
Second you need to have some idea of accounting .
 At least be a little familiar with assets and liabilities.
Then think about which business has a future to target that niche. Then review the Global 2000 of the big companies. Then look at the Fortune 500 of the largest firms. Then track which countries have growth potential. Assess which goods and services have huge potential. There is a lot of information on publicly traded companies. Read and read again about the company you are interested in. Get to know it. The better you get to know it the more information you gather. Nothing is certain in this world. Like a hotel chain but a new crown comes out and can crash the stock. You like a snack chain but there's a big gaffe going on with menu cleanliness and ingredients and the competition takes advantage. The most important thing is to like the company and have as much history this company as possible. But don't overlook the upstarts who have a future in time. The risk is sometimes worth it. Companies that produce robots or software have a future but the question is which one will establish and hold more . It all comes down to the management of a company. That's why people always talk about the CEOs of giant companies. Whoever had a successful advertising company , succeeded with more sales . Not that he had better quality merchandise . I love dividend stocks . You invest but you get income . Kind of like usury. If a company pays a dividend it means it makes a profit. But someone may have taken out a loan just to pay a dividend. You have to watch their balance sheet. But one should definitely invest. Because their money in jars is not increasing but losing value with inflation. You have 10000 dollars in the bank or in the seif. On the same date when you put it in look at how much a particular item costs at the store. In two years go and look at the price of the commodity and draw your conclusion. With your money that you had, you could have bought say 10,000 pieces assuming that the item was priced at $1. And after two years the commodity has become $1.20. How much product would you buy. Certainly less. This is why money likes to move not sit. Learn to manage money not have it.

 Author Sezgin Ismailov

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