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Friday, December 29, 2023

A dream house my opinoin

What is the ideal house for me? First the placement. If possible, it should be on the border with a forest and a river. The sun must shine on it most of the time. It should be made of wood and have very large windows. Of course, there should be external and internal blinds. To become a completely passive house, there must be a minimum 15-kilowatt solar system on the roof or in the yard plus a battery for energy storage. This energy should independently supply all electrical consumers in the house. The house should have a heating and cooling system, using a heat pump. The water for the house should be from a well. Connected to the home system. At least 2000 square meters of land to the house. In 1,000 square meters, if possible, sow all kinds of fruit-bearing trees. Five hundred square meters is enough for vegetables and a small greenhouse. One hundred square meters for a small home fish pond. At the orchards, you can release two sheep to graze and at the same time, you can use their milk. Several hives with honey bees. A few hens to get eggs. A few logs can be injected with mushroom mycelium to produce additional food. In the vegetable garden, it should be distributed in such a way that there is also the possibility of harvesting herbs and spices. After preparing the winter food from most of the harvest of fruits or vegetables, you can sell and cover your costs for additional needs. Which you cannot produce yourself, for example, salt or sugar. Expenses for clothing or necessities you need. Such a passive house can meet your costs by up to ninety percent. If such a house is not a dream, then everything else is a luxury and already enters the column of greed.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

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