Thursday, July 27, 2023

The company itself has the income and can afford the dividend

Investing in a utility company can provide a steady stream of income. Utility companies are generally regulated, which can provide some stability and predictability for investors. Utility companies often have strong balance sheets and generate a lot of cash flow, which can make them attractive investments. Utility companies can be a good way to diversify a portfolio. There are many different types of utility companies, so investors can find one that fits their investment goals. But in reality, their incomes are known. Accept yourself as a regular payer. Assume that your neighbor is also a payer. Thus, all users of their services are payers. The company itself has the income and can afford the dividend. Another thing is that the stock market has a crisis. The company will always have these customers. Or something like a plague to wipe people out. Realistically speaking, you don't expect a sharp rise in the share price. But you can always expect it to drip a little. For me, it is mandatory for an investor to have at least one utility company in their portfolio. This is my opinion. This is not a recommendation to buy at the end of the day everyone has an opinion. Not everyone can win, there must be losers.

Sezgin Ismailov

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Investing in times of crisis - my opinion

 Everything during a crisis goes downhill. As normal as a person gets sick, he is not in great shape. Mother Nature finds a way to remind us. Because people get carried away and very quickly forget themselves. Ever since the world can remember, there have been crises and there always will be. As the sieve sifts, so the market also sifts. Some will sink because they didn't do their homework. Others because they have lied. But the crisis allows the better and far-seeing. A simple example. For example, a very farsighted person even if he sees that the fruits are already despised will figure out what to do. Will make vinegar or fruit wine. You have to recognize those companies that have a future and bet on them. Not the ones you like or are well-liked by others. The biggest mistake of the small investor is to target the top ten large companies. Because their market valuation is growing by large percentages. Are their revenues growing at the same rate? Better in companies in utility services that, regardless of the crisis, we continue to use their services. But without risk, there is no future. But in most cases, now is the time to take a risk. Time will tell if the investment was worth it. In the right companies that have a future. It's good to trust your instincts sometimes.No ads and experts direct people to certain companies. I'm just expressing my own opinion on the matter. Because I do it myself.

 Author Sezgin Ismailov

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