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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Easy solutions for difficult moments

 One always has sometimes difficult moments and wonders how to overcome them... If there is a question there must be an answer. If there is an obstacle there must be a way to overcome it.. Everyone has heard the saying "A kind word opens locked doors". .. Sometimes things happen easier than with force.. Both the positive and negative sides of the magnet work. The law of attraction I can not prove one hundred percent if it works but the evidence shows that the effect sooner or later works. From many old people I have heard the words "Be very careful what you wish for". . But I definitely know that a person if he has the prior preparation "THE KNOWLEDGE" always finds a way to solve or find a way to overcome difficult obstacles. . But I am definitely sure that one should not give up at the first seemingly insurmountable obstacle. . In such difficult moments you just have to rest and concentrate to find the best and easiest possible solution.. Success wants the quotient of hard work . Whether physical or mental work. 

Author Sezgin Ismailov

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