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Friday, December 22, 2023

How the objectives are achieved

  In fact, my whole second book is about that. How to prepare in advance. How to choose a team. How to act in certain situations. But there are several pages of Prince Till winning the duel for Princess Nessia. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary fairy tale about a prince and a princess. But if, a person can not only read but also understand and assimilate what is written. He can learn from Prince Till's actions. While everyone else is focused on showing off their skills to others and constantly staring at the princess. They lose concentration. They forget the main task. Only Prince Till is focused on the obstacles themselves. This applies with full force in our daily life. Many people are interested in what others think about his photos on social networks. How many people will like it? What blouse to buy to look good. Where to take the photo to attract the attention of others. His thoughts are focused on others, and how they praise him. It doesn't matter if, will something stupid or dangerous for him. Will these photos in time not be detrimental to him. The important thing is to get more likes. Goals are in the background. Therefore, it takes much longer to achieve them. If it reaches them at all. I soon discovered that Bill Gates was unhappy with the Internet. I have no idea exactly, but the internet is at least 70% full of nonsense. I looked at the latest study. The Programme for International Student Assessment is a test that assesses the functional literacy of students in different countries around the world and their ability to apply knowledge in practice. The results are definitely getting worse. It's because of social media. Yes, I believe that the educational system is already outdated for the time. Yes, it should be optimized. People, don't concentrate on their goals, just on social media. There is nothing rosy in our future. 

The Rise and Fall of Great Empires

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