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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Conflicts and consequences for people

 Are bad days coming for people in general? I guess it's inevitable. The reason some people who somehow became dictators in their countries. They do everything to leave behind their name as very famous and make the life of all mankind unbearable. They do not find a way with good deeds and seek the bad side. They think it will make them world famous. Why, they're just looking for a confrontation. This leads to conflicts between countries. This also makes all the other countries worry. Like any normal person, other powerful leaders also seek security. What they are doing is increasing the budget for military purposes. This leads to a reduction in other parts of the budget such as health care, education, infrastructure, or an increase in salaries in public services. Everyone and everything suffers because of the military industry. While everyone considers money to be wealth, those in power learn about the power of power and its power. Every normal person dies sooner or later. Why just some do everything to shorten the lives of many people. Personally, I don't take it. I guess we come to the upbringing of a person. Why are there world organizations? The workers there cannot fulfill their duties and only receive salaries. At first, I did not accept globalism. But I see that this is the solution to the common man's problem. In general, to have a one-world government and thus there will be no confrontation. This will generally result in less administration. Few people can easily be removed from power when the people are dissatisfied than the many leaders of the world. It is impossible not to have a Control organization. Because we will become the Wild West again. I only know that for thousands of years, humanity has been supposedly improving, but nothing has changed. I am writing my fifth book about famous people of the past. I had to collect information about these people who deserved it and really left their names as a stamp. While I was collecting the information, that's all I understood. It's just that nothing has changed. New tools of labor have only been invented. Apart from the information that is in more of the past. In 1990 I met an elderly man. 
And now I remember his words. “Sezgin, humanity has been improving, for thousands of years, but nothing has improved as it should. Arrange your life so that you are fine. I think he was right. But we have ourselves to blame when we elect people and how we spend our tax money.

Author  Sezgin Ismailov

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