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Friday, June 21, 2024

Climate problems are gaining strength

 I am neither an ecologist nor a statistician. You don't need to read any articles to understand climate problems anymore. There is not a day in which there is no anomaly on our planet. I think there is no one who has not felt the high temperatures. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, fires, and so on. I doubt there are people who do not worry about this problem. The problem is definitely clear to children and adults. The question is: who is doing what about it? Anyone can say, for example, I was walking on Sunday, and I didn't have to turn on the engine of the car. I planted a tree in the yard; that's still something. Is that enough? If you ask the manager of a multi-billion-dollar company, he will say: We financed a wind farm or a solar farm from where we get electricity. We are an ecological company. You look at their product. It uses only two kilowatts per hour. Now let's calculate these 2 kilowatts per hour by the millions of products produced by them. I don't want to slander anyone. It is certain that I also use some other device. Isn't it time, really, that the smart politicians played great people and started working for the planet? It is our home, after all. Isn't it time politicians divert money to protecting the planet instead of making weapons? Are they sure that they will never be overtaken by a storm or some disaster? Does the sun only shine over their country? The clouds, which are formed by the heat, rain only there or in the interior, where they are blown away. His neighbor's house is on fire. I wonder how he is confident in his own safety. Here, the problem is no longer the neighbor or the other with the other faith. With the other skin color. The man who doesn't speak his language. The problem is very, very big. If we reason, in principle, there will be a flood after me. This is self-destruction. Why is that so? Because let me win as much as possible. I only have a few million, never mind that fifty dollars is enough for my daily consumption. Everything is based on greed and power. We're ready to destroy the future, just to be the big deal now. It's a pity that every politician wins with knowledge, not like in the old days when he was physically strong.

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