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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

A few truths about real life

 The famous phrase about the apple and Rockefeller is true for me . But only if you really follow the rules of "The World's Greatest Salesman". Indeed after reading Og Mandino's book
one can change one's mind about one's abilities.
After deep thought , I really come to the conclusion that no matter what skill you have . What product you have invented , does not reach more people to approve the benefit of your skills or products remains in your story . While some who master the art of selling benefit from a good product and skills and succeed more in life . Everyone knows about the recipe of Coca Cola , the service system of Mcdonalds i guess there are many others . So if you want to have more in material terms you have to be a very good salesman or a very good manager who has good employees /salesmen/. In the current real life very often we come across products manufactured in the same place . Not only the packaging is different , also the price. In most cases the good sellers win. This is the reality.


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