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Friday, November 17, 2023

Quotes from my third book. 'The heir of the dynasty'

I hope it will be on the market by the end of January 2024. I took the liberty of posting long quotations. Certainly, some readers may, after reading this book, accuse me of being against poor people. Nothing of the kind. They can take lessons from her.

1. Only they could not control their own children and the weather

 2. Confidence in oneself wins, and trust in others

 3. Okay, let's say I'm having a bad day. You are over the moon with happiness. I come and ruin your day, how will you feel.

  4. I don't know, I'm looking for someone who will like me, soul and heart not only physically

 5. We respected each other so much that we were afraid to share our feelings in case it didn't work out. 

 6. I have no idea how rich you are. But that's enough, to waste your time with me a poor student, do you really like me that much.-

  7. You may have lied to me up to this point, but from now on, just don't do it. I will feel you and you will lose me.

   8. It is one thing to know that you will have a test today and to have prepared, it is another thing to rely on someone to give you advice.

  9. As much as a person thinks about something, the events themselves cause them to happen. Even easier than we imagine.

10. Bad thoughts only complicate our lives.

11. We have to let some things happen by themselves.

12. You have one life and it is yours. Only you can determine and choose how it goes. The most important thing is that you like it

13. Imagination is a corridor to the new

14. The most important thing is to think about the task itself. She enlightens us sometimes. But the important thing is not to give up and to be persistent

   15. When you feel tired, stop and collect energy from nature

16. I guess you have a rich soul, at least I think so. We are thus trained to communicate only with people who have rich souls and they are rich in every way

17. The poor man just finds an excuse for me by blaming the rich man for all the troubles of the earth.

18. The poor always discuss the neighbor or someone else which is a waste of time, the rich think about how to produce a product that will be recognized by more people.

19.-Okay, what do you think about money? Mary asked

-Measure of value, to measure a given work or value of a product or service. People use it to make things easier when one thing is exchanged and it changes according to supply and demand

20.-He who controls money does not need to be afraid of it. But he who cannot control them always falls short. No matter how many he has, he still won't be able to handle them. That is why there are poor and rich. The difference is in money management.

21. The least starts with investing knowledge. Almost every town has a library. He has to prepare and find a way to invest.

22. The ordinary person has no idea that the little money that he keeps in the bank works for the business. His pension money is also in stocks and government securities. With the money he collects to buy a property over the years, inflation melts it away

23. My conclusion is that when you have something, you don't pay attention to it. If you don't have it, you strive for it.

24. Now with the new technologies, many people have the opportunity to get the necessary information. But they spend their time for the simplest possible entertainment, but not to become literate. 25. You can write something simple in an hour, and it goes around the world like lightning as if it is something great, but if it is something meaningful, they don't even pay attention to it

26. The way of life is very complicated, but if we harness our energy into something we believe in and like, it will seem wonderful.

27. People do not openly like to be helped. In today's world, this is even more true. Go to someone who needs help, give him a hand, and in a year he will make you the blackest devil. Therefore, for the last three hundred years, our kind has worked by indirectly helping.

28. If you know the formula, every task is easy

29. Sometimes we are so consumed by our goals that we forget or neglect our loved ones. I realized this was a mistake. With good will, one can find time for everything. I can't go back in time and fix my mistakes. I am only asking you to forgive me. I love you very much, Nesia said and hugged her daughter tightly.

30. Many of the people we call great have obviously sacrificed a lot but left something significant behind. But no one thinks about the people who were by their side and supported him and I'm sure that they sacrificed more.

31. It is not a question of tearing the sock and then sewing it up. Yes, he does work, but he always steps on the stitched me and we feel it. The best solution is conversations

32. I don't want to offend you, but regardless of my age, I have enough knowledge to solve any complex issue without consultants. I am not afraid of anything or anyone. I don't need anything. Everyone here has duties and fulfills them. I don't care about business. There are people who care about him.

33. We can't take back the past no matter how much we want, but we can reward the future as we wish

Friday, November 10, 2023

People should not look at money as wealth

 A few quotes from my second book. It is historical fiction. About the dreams of a prince. But it is no different from today's lifestyle. She can help with Max's lessons and actions to make many people's dreams come true.

1. Every action is a step towards achieving the goal.

2. Accurate information reduces the distance and time required to reach the goal.

3. If you have the support of your opponent, you will face fewer obstacles in achieving your goal.

4. The more you help, the more satisfaction you will experience.

5. Wanting something is different from putting in the effort to obtain it.

6. A dream inspires ambition and motivation in a person.

7. True wealth is not merely possessing a bag of gold, but rather it is a reflection of what you have accomplished.

8. Do we have the knowledge and belief that we will succeed in our endeavor?

9. If he did not have a good upbringing, how could he know about the knowledge that offers unlimited possibilities to each individual?

10. I have the knowledge and confidence that I can achieve whatever I want.

11. The question is not whether I will do it, but how it can be done in the most ethical way for the benefit of everyone, without causing harm to others.

12. Mistakes from both sides are easier to identify. I hope you will tell me. Thank you.

13. Instincts are often the right choice.

14. He is very self-assured and confident. He has set a goal and remains focused on it.

15. We believe in valuing people and that people value us.

16. My goal was to prove myself with my abilities and earn the respect of others.

17. Preliminary criticism can help identify potential obstacles.

18. The formula for success can be viewed from many perspectives.

19. Every detail plays a role in achieving one's dreams.

20. When you are ambitious, you do not waste time. By not wasting time, you are doing something that brings you closer to your goal.

21. To reach your goal, it is important to choose the most direct and ethical path. The goal is to pave the way for others to follow.

22. However, everything has a price and a time for realization, and one must fight for it.

23. It is true that emotions can cause the greatest wounds, but it depends on how people think.

24. If you truly believe in something, you can persuade others to believe in it as well.

25. Throughout my education and upbringing, I have come to understand that wealth is inherent in nature itself. Everything that surrounds us, everything that helps us live, is a form of wealth.

26. At the very least, we have an obligation to try to help others.

27. Yes, in many kingdoms there is religiosity. Each one of them shouts and shouts, claiming that their path is the only way to the Lord. Each group, fueled by their own beliefs, tends to destroy the other because of their narrow-minded thinking.

28. I learned from my teachers that there are three things that can unite even enemies: gold, faith, and fear.

30. A good cause also has the power to unite people.

31. Put your desires in front and fight for them.

32. Advice from adults can always be helpful.

33. Every action we take will have an impact on our future.

34. In every situation, we must extract what is useful for us.

35. One person's support can make another person's dream come true.

36. Sometimes we have obligations that we must fulfill regardless of our moods.

37. Thoughtful actions shorten the path to the goal.

38. Good organization and the right people make achieving the goal possible.

39. Their thinking is that they have to help others because someday they too may need help.

40. The only reason a person always finds dissatisfaction in another is because of their own weakness.

41. To have control over others is power, but to have control over oneself is true dominion.

42. I understand a person when they lose control and fear overcomes them.

43. Obstacles in life are a test of how much we truly want to reach our goals.

44. Every doubt creates even more barriers and obstacles in life.

45. Everything has its purpose and seeks its place under heaven.

46. Human life may seem short, but if we don't waste our time, we can achieve miracles during this period.

47. Every piece of useful advice is important in our way of life.

48. We must envision events in the future or make them happen as they should.

49. If you lose trust, you lose control over everything.

50. Power is the most desirable thing in the world, even more so than money or happiness. This is because everyone believes that having power makes you untouchable. However, it is also the most difficult thing to hold onto.

51. You should never doubt yourself. If you are confident in yourself, you will always succeed. Turn every inconvenience into an advantage.

52. Men are strong only with the support of a woman

53. Difficult problems always have answers and solutions.

54. People should not view money as wealth, but rather as a means to increase their wealth and improve their quality of life.

55. Once a person conquers one peak, they should not give up on conquering others.

56. People often fear failure and therefore rarely pursue things that benefit them or fulfill their dreams.

57. Doubt is the most dangerous advisor.

58. Wealth encompasses everything that the creator has given us and everything that surrounds us.

I invite you to explore the captivating story within the pages of my book, "The Wealth of  The Great Kingdom." While there are numerous quotes throughout, it is the profound insights they offer into the narrative that truly make them valuable. To delve into these thought-provoking quotes, I encourage you to purchase a copy of the book.

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