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Friday, May 5, 2023

Which people are racist. I'm just saying my own opinion.

 Born in a country other than my mother tongue.

Now I live in another country that doesn't like either my mother tongue or the country where I grew up.

Over the years, I have become convinced of one thing, which people we call racist.

People are intellectually poor. It turned out that these people are not only mentally more backward than their fellow citizens, but they are also financially poor. But there are definitely people who always blame other people for their failures. They don't like to help their fellow man. They always find a way to criticize instead of lending a hand. I don't think they are a majority. They definitely don't have the necessary first seven years of education. They define themselves as higher than others. They think that everyone is stopping their progress, of course, as they have not made any effort to do so. In the modern world, it is rare for an ordinary person to go to extremes. But definitely, when these people are at the top of the power it is already dangerous. They like to manipulate others with the leverage they are given. Once they reach the top and all the instruments are in them, they can contribute to human disasters. I don't think an Asian is any less or more than an African. The same goes for an American or a European. /God /Mother Nature/Energy /has given the variety to make life wonderful. All humans share the same physiological needs. Everything else is based on greed and upbringing.  I also became convinced that the negative energy that they send helps many people to reach their goals

Author Sezgin Ismailov

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