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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Different visions and different possibilities - an instructive parable

A Jewish shoe manufacturer wanted to expand his business .He decided to send his big son to Africa to explore the shoe market. He gave him money for a month and sent him to look for suitable markets. The big son went and came back after a month. The father welcomed him saying.

-Did you succeed son in finding suitable markets for us.

The elder son replied.

-It is impossible to sell shoes there. They all go barefoot . There is no hope for us.

The father after his words decided to send the younger son to investigate.

After a month he too returned .

The father welcomed him by saying .

-Have you managed son to find suitable markets for us .

The little son replied.

-"Daddy there is a huge potential in Africa. Everybody goes barefoot there and it is a great opportunity for us . There is great hope for us.

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