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Saturday, November 26, 2022

My opinion Investing in real estate

My recommendation is if you really have the opportunity you should do it.
But I recommend you really read a bit more before you put your money in. There are countries where they have more yield on property. Not just states but regions. The determining factor is close to jobs and good communication. Yes, you can buy property, but if it doesn't bring you income you just throw your money somewhere in the woods. I have bitter experience of such properties. You get lured by the low price. Yes, but you also freeze that money. Always follow the 30/30/3 rule for buying property as a minimum. Whether it is a personal purchase or an investment. For me, this is the rule for a successful purchase, but I never use credit. The best thing is if you don't have money for your own investment in property you can invest in Property Management Funds.
Because every month you can invest a little bit. The best are REITs which by law even pay up to 90 percent of their profits. The little money you have can bring you income. Instead of piling up in the bank and inflation melting it down.

 Author Sezgin Ismailov

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