Monday, October 31, 2022

The manufacturing companies the new power and future

New opportunities, new horizons. The use of robotics creates more opportunities for innovation in new businesses and opportunities for growth. Yes, cutting manpower but improving quality. Throughout human history, start-ups have played a key role in creating new industries and providing economic opportunity to the wider society. Startups often incubate an entirely new type of industry that technology accelerates. Robot companies represent businesses that have grown over the past decade, as well as industries that have been disrupted by the advances created by those businesses. These improvements continue to create unexpected opportunities for startups and large businesses alike. I assume that these companies described below will be the engines of the production sector in time. Especially if they manage to implement artificial intelligence in their machines. Regardless, there are already many robots created by them involved in the production cycle. I don't want to predict, but in fifteen years, production will be over 60 percent by robots than by humans. "ABB ", "Universal Robots Technologies ", "iRobot ", "Yaskawa", "Fanuc", "Zebra Technologies", "Yamaha ", "Nvidia ", " DENSO", "Midea Group", "Kuka", "Mitsubishi", "Adept Technology Inc", "Apex Automation" "Aurotek ", "Stäubli", "Kawasaki ", "Robotics ", "Siemens", "Honda", "Toyota", "SIASUN", "ESTUN", "EFORT", "JAKA Robot", "Panasonic", "Hyundai ". These are just the famous names. But you can always look for something you like to invest in.
Author Sezgin Ismailov

Sunday, October 23, 2022

My opinion on rich and poor dad

Many people have read the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", but how many have understood something from it, and what have they applied in life? I'll tell you what I found out. There were two things that were very important to me. The first was when Rich Dad challenged them to find or come up with a better job than the one he gave them. One is always dissatisfied with what one gets. No matter how much they pay us, we will always be dissatisfied. The second is about liabilities and assets. It's not something new. It just explains in the most basic way what is right for us or what we are looking for to increase our wealth, "ASSETS". With a little patience and a little deprivation of the unnecessary "PASSIVES," they constantly entice us to buy. Yes, we can afford them, but if we just put them off for a while after we make the money work for us, It's no secret that everyone who manages money doesn't spend it and keeps it in the vault. They direct it to working businesses to grow. Simply investing in a business is very positive. Not only do you have the opportunity to increase your wealth, but you also have the opportunity to help create jobs. Personally, when I don't understand a book, I have to re-read it, but some books should be read every year. People forget very quickly. Nevertheless, on social media, people share good quotes and sayings but do not take more than a few minutes to assimilate them and apply them in their lives. It's one thing to hear or read. It is another thing to understand and utilize.

Author: Sezgin Ismailov

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Investing in shares: My personal opinion

Honestly, I prefer to invest in them. When my kid asked me what a stock was, I answered very briefly and clearly. But this is my thinking. It's kind of a brick building. If you have a lot of money, you can directly buy a house, an apartment, and so on. But generally, people don't have that much money to buy a big business or a huge building. They can buy shares of that business. This business may be huge, but one can afford to buy as many bricks and shares for as much money. If this business generates revenue, profit is distributed equally to each brick, share, or Of course, after taxes are paid and a decision is made to distribute them to the owners of the bricks,. Basically, the management of this business tries to earn more and thus proves how skilled they are to run it. So the money invested in the bricks or shares can bring in more revenue. If the money stays in the jar, there is no way it will increase. If we leave it to the bank, it may give us some interest rate depending on many factors, but no more than avoiding inflation. What stocks you choose to buy depends on what type of person you are. Led by the crowd for more money. The ones you like. The ones you think are good for people and the future. It's all about thinking. The truth is simple. Everyone wants to have more money. But I at least realized that you don't have to have a lot of money; you just have to learn to manage it or put it where it moves and increases on its own. But to achieve success, we come back to the first rule of success. You have to invest in yourself to learn a lot about what you want. To be able to shortcut the mistakes made by others. Definitely back to the repository of information and books. Then, in habits and character, overcome fear and start building your dream of being a successful stock investor. Hence, when making an investment, it is wise to invest the allocated resources carefully by going through proper research as to why the company is bringing in new shares in exchange for money or a portfolio of shares. Why do they want to do this fundraising activity? Is it urgent for them to launch new shares if they have not faced any serious problems running all their operations smoothly?. How have these shares been doing recently, and what are their investors' expectations from them?

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Investment is putting your time and money into a project and hoping that the return is more than your contribution

There are many reasons why we need to start investing for our happiness. If we are financially empowered, we feel secure, and it makes us really selfishly happy. The world of income potential: investing can provide you with a world full of opportunities and multiple ways to earn income. You'll be able to save while you earn, and then invest in more sources of income outside of your traditional job. Paving a path to financial security It's important for today's workers to understand that their careers may not always last, so it's best to embark on smart investing if your income stops when you're older, retired from the workforce, or, worse, terminated from employment due to illness. A person who invests can use that invested money for future needs such as retirement, medical emergencies, and consumer financial goals. For each type of investment, there are certain guidelines and restrictions that must be followed by the investor. Investment: investment is putting your time and money into a project and hoping that the return is more than your contribution. In other words, investing is an act of risk-taking that can result in a profit but at the same time create a loss.
Author: Sezgin Ismailov

Saturday, October 15, 2022

The Lord gives, but we must make an effort to take it

When Max passed by the apple tree, he saw a ten-year-old boy crying. He went near him and asked:  -Hi, boy, What's wrong? Why are you crying?  And the boy answered him with the following words:  - Hi, my father always says if I really want something, I have to pray to the Lord ten times and it will happen. Every day I pray to become rich like the rich children, to have a bigger horse, and to have a better home. Today I asked the Lord to give me the best apple from the top of the tree to eat, but something didn't work, even the apple didn't fall down. The Lord doesn't seem to like me.  Max quietly pulled a coin out of his pocket and picked up a stone from the ground. He held a coin in one hand and a stone in the other. 

 - Tell me, which one you will choose? - asked Max. 

 - The coin. – said the boy. 

 - Ask Lord ten times that you want a coin," said Max.  You can continue to read from the book.  

MANNERS IN THE GREAT KINGDOM   The tendency to take the blessings that God bestows on us for granted is a betrayal of their miraculous value. When we are determined, patient, and willing to work hard, we will find what we are looking for. 

 Author: Sezgin Ismailov

Saturday, October 8, 2022

The book is perhaps the best friend and helper of a person

Books are the pillars of knowledge. One of the advantages of reading is that you can read anytime, anywhere, even if you have a limited number of sources. The reasons for reading books contain social and individual benefits, both of which affect your inner or outer world. So to narrow down what we feel the need to read in terms of knowledge, try to answer this question: What do you know about yourself? Reading itself is an investment in knowledge. Of course, you have to assimilate what you read anyway. You can miss mistakes that have already been made before you. Let us not forget that books are a repository of information. In this way, we can get closer to our dreams faster. The first rule of success is to invest in knowledge or the right information anyway. This is not just my opinion. Many people have proven over the years that this is the way for humanity to progress. The richer in knowledge a person becomes, the less he desires material wealth. . But with knowledge, you can always handle any situation at any time. Therefore, the book is perhaps the best friend and helper of a person.

👉Author  Sezgin Ismailov

Monday, October 3, 2022

The secret of the family happiness

The secret to family happiness, as you call it, is to understand each other better. If you want respect, you also have to give it. You want joy; learn to make others happy. The compromise is a factor in a quiet family life. Selfishness is bad for compatibility. Bad habits interfere with the harmony of understanding. If you help, you get help. In good or bad times, you have to support each other. Constructive criticism is not an understatement; you should learn a lesson. You must also respect the freedom of others. The truth is that you should not put barriers between you. Everyone should take responsibility. Revenge will increase the gap between you. Pessimism will reduce your faith in the good. Forgiveness will fill the holes in your path. Insults will hurt you. Anger is the beginning of all problems. Shouting is an aggressive way to introduce someone else's will. Calm behavior is a balance for the person. The trust will increase your hope. Hope will bring you faith. Faith will give you love. Your love will bring a smile, joy, and happiness.

How to be happy with what you have - my opinion

It's not bad to be rich, but we also need to spend time on mental and spiritual wealth for the little joys in life that are free. The importance of mental and spiritual wealth: It is often said that money cannot buy happiness. This may be true, but it is also true that having a healthy mind and spirit is essential to happiness. If your mind is constantly stressed and your spirit is constantly weighed down, it will be very difficult to find true happiness. This is why it is so important to invest in your mental and spiritual wealth. There are many ways to do this, but some of the most important things you can do are to meditate, spend time in nature, and surround yourself with positive people. The joys in life that are free: Many joys in life cost nothing at all. These are the things that truly make us happy. Spending time with loved ones, experiencing the beauty of nature, laughing until your sides hurt—these are the things that matter most. When you focus on the things that cost nothing, you will find that your life is infinitely richer. The balance of wealth and happiness: It is often said that the key to happiness is finding a balance between wealth and happiness. This is because if you have too much of either, it can lead to problems. Having too much wealth can lead to greed and selfishness, while having too much happiness can lead to complacency and a lack of motivation. The key is to find a healthy balance between the two. This can be difficult, but it is essential to a happy and fulfilling life. How to be happy with what you have: One of the most important keys to happiness is to be grateful for what you have. It is easy to take the things we have for granted, but when we do, we miss out on the joy they can bring. When you take the time to appreciate the things you have, you will find that your happiness level increases significantly. This is because gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions we can feel. So, make a point to be grateful for the good things in your life, and you will be sure to find more happiness.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

The goal is the finish line

Every action is a step towards the goal: This means that every decision we make and every action we take is helping to move us closer to our goal. It's important to keep this in mind when we're feeling stuck or like we're not making any progress because every single action is taking us closer to where we want to be.
 The goal is the finish line: This is a reminder that our goal is always in sight and that we should never give up on it. It can be easy to get discouraged when we're not seeing results immediately, but if we keep our eye on the finish line, we'll eventually get there.
Every step is progress. This means that even when we're taking small steps, we're still making progress. It's important to celebrate our accomplishments, no matter how small, because they all add up and eventually lead us to our goal. 
Progress is success: This means that making progress is the same as being successful. It's important to remember this when we're feeling like we're not succeeding, because even if we're not at our goal yet, we're still making progress, and that is success.
Success is happiness: This means that once we reach our goal, we'll be happy. It's important to keep this in mind when we're feeling down because it reminds us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that our hard work will eventually pay off..

📖👪 " THE WEALTH OF THE GREAT KINGDOM" a book to read

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Book review by a literary titan

We know that people's greatest wealth is health, family, friends, and knowledge. We learn from wise people, from books, from school, and from folk tales told by people with whom we come into contact. Valuable stories in the books tell about people's lives, their mistakes, and how to learn. Books are a source of information. Whether the book or the e-book is present, Knowledge is the preparation or the key to the door through which we must go. There is no better friend and guide than a good book. I recommend you read a good book. Written by me. I am adding a bit of my interview for more information. When you read the interview, you might think about the book more seriously. This book is everything. 

What were some of the emotional and moral guidelines you followed when developing your characters? When developing my character, I followed several emotional and moral guidelines. First, I wanted my characters to be of different ages and classes. I didn’t want them to be just good or bad, but to have positive qualities. Second, I wanted my characters to grow and change throughout the story. I didn’t want them to be static figures, but to learn and develop over time. I wanted readers to see how my characters deal with challenges and become successful people. Third, I wanted my characters to be inspirational. I wanted readers to be able to relate to them and hope to be like them. I wanted my characters to show that it is possible to overcome adversity and achieve something great. I believe I was able to achieve these goals with my character.  -the entire interview

Author Sezgin Ismailov

Preliminary criticism removes possible obstacles

Problem solution Any business or personal desire is faced with problems. Some are big, and some are small. But every problem is an opportunity to learn and grow. Let's take a closer look at how to identify and solve problems. Once you've identified a problem, it's time to start brainstorming potential solutions. There are many different ways to approach problem-solving, so it's important to explore all of your options. Once you've considered all your options, it's time to weigh the pros and cons of each potential solution. What are the advantages of each option? What are the risks? Once you've considered all the facts, it's time to make a decision. What is the best course of action? Once you've made a decision, it's time to implement it. This can be the hardest part of solving a problem, but it's also the most important. We don't always get exactly 100 percent of what we want. But that's life—the struggle to solve problems. In my book, I describe how a prince finds a method and solves his problems by trusting other people. You should read it, compare your problem with the prince's, and solve your problem.


A book about the love and life of Prince Max and Princess Mary

 A historical fiction


Manners in the Great Kingdom you can search - E-book / Paperback /Hardcover/ Audiobook

Most people care about their ethical and moral conduct of themselves, but they lack the knowledge of manners and end up making mistakes sometimes. The power of your manners captivates and often speaks louder than anything that you could say to someone. How you act opposes a particular set of social or cultural expectations. Manner's book helps you become a better person by providing you insight into various social situations, guiding you on what is polite to say and do, whether you are going to share an elevator with someone or address an employee, use intent action guidelines in addressing the situation with proper tone and expression, along with holding yourself together in mass crowds. Find the purpose for personal success

My book helps to make the right choice.

 They can make the right choice, and live with the consequences. Or, they can never give up. Making the right choice is always a difficult task. There are many factors to consider, and sometimes the right choice is not obvious. However, it is important to consider all of the options and make the best decision possible. Living with the consequences of your choices is also difficult. Sometimes the consequences are positive, and sometimes they are negative. However, it is important to accept the consequences of your choices and learn from them. Never giving up is also important. Sometimes the going gets tough, and it might seem like giving up is the best option. However, it is important to never give up on your dreams and persist through the tough times.

My book helps to make the right choice.

I wrote it for my children. You can look for it in stores.

 Manners in the Great Kingdom


Author  Sezgin Ismailov

It’s about being happy and content in life.

 In his books, the author explains the journey of Prince Max through different stories. It's historical fiction, so you might think this book is just for kids, but that's not the case. It is more beneficial for adults. It contains numerous stories with different morals that can change the way people think about their future, daily life, friendships, love, and success. The story reveals Max's daily life experiences, his meetings, duties, upbringing, morals, values, and how he relates to it all. Max's stories can help you with Planning for the future: The future is in our own hands. A subtle set of attitudes leads a person to a prosperous future. Encounters with prominent personalities and careful observation of attitudes led Prince Max to a great future. A prince's education is preordained to make him worthy of the throne upon which he is to sit. These steps are critical: • Find out what kind of future you want. • Find your passion. • Use your strengths. • Always find motivation. • Don't hesitate to start the process. • Work on your plan and start implementing it. Friendships: Discipline, determination, and friends are the key to success. A person is defined by their company. When your friends are right, they will act as catalysts for your success. Prince Max recognized the importance of real friendships. You can find out how he dealt with this art in the story. Everyday life: The everyday life of managers differs from that of ordinary people. Life should have a routine or structure for mental, physical, and emotional well-being. You can achieve this by taking some time each day. In the book, you will find many things that can help. Facing Obstacles: It is not a trait of the successful to break down when they encounter obstacles. The management of such events makes a great man great. When obstacles and challenges come their way, savvy people do the following: • Don't complain • Stay positive • Face them head-on • Control emotions • Act wisely with a backup plan. Personal Development: The subject of self-assessment and personal development is subtly treated in the book. Children and adults can learn from Prince Max's stories and incorporate the vital components of a perfect personality into their own. With each story, the reader gets a message and moral. Each message and moral can help in different aspects of life.

Success is not just about going to college, getting a job, and earning a living. It’s about being happy and content in life. Successful people are always willing to learn more and better their skill sets. They invest in themselves by having knowledge about the industry, their field of work, the economyand other aspects that affect it. To be successful, one needs to invest in themselves first by learning the rules of success.

Manners in the Great Kingdom


Author Sezgin Ismailov

Faith in pharmaceutical companies

I had an interesting conversation with people who have a very bad opinion of pharmaceutical companies. They were convinced that they were a ...