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Thursday, March 21, 2024

The Wealth of the Great Kingdom is a remarkable and unique book

 The Wealth of the Great Kingdom  is a remarkable and unique book that imparts profound wisdom and philosophical truths about life. Within the enchanting setting of a fantasy kingdom under the rule of a benevolent and visionary king, readers are taken on an extraordinary journey. The protagonist, Prince Max, embarks on a captivating quest to explore neighboring realms and unravel the secrets of a successful state. In his quest, he establishes schools catering to individuals of diverse social backgrounds and recruits capable teachers to empower the kingdom’s citizens. Prince Max’s noble ambition is to create a flourishing society where educated individuals can contribute to their country’s growth based on their unique skills and talents. Along this inspiring journey, he encounters the enchanting Mary, and their blossoming relationship adds a captivating layer of romance to the narrative. Will Prince Maxvid readers interested in politics and statecraft, this book offers a wealth of thought-provoking insights. Its exploration of the fundamental elements that contribute to a prosperous and harmonious kingdom is truly captivating. The focus on education and the country’s orderly nature presents an alluring contrast to the contemporary Western democratic landscape. Moreover, the narrative possesses an enchanting fairy tale quality that will surely delight fantasy enthusiasts. It is worth mentioning that while the characters play a significant role in exploring profound philosophical concepts, a deeper level of development would have further enhanced their relatability. At times, they felt somewhat constrained and solely used as vehicles for philosophical ideas. The writing style bears a distinctive flair, and the vivid descriptions of the environment and architectural wonders within the kingdom allowed me to immerse myself in the story.

The Wealth of the Great Kingdom can be embraced as an uplifting guide for cultivating moral thoughts and actions that ultimately lead to personal success. Sezgin beautifully demonstrates that true wealth and power are not prerequisites for achieving one’s goals; rather, authentic happiness stems from embracing moral values to succeed in achieving his ambitions while simultaneously embracing true love?

Monday, October 3, 2022

Book for the whole family

 In his books, the author explains the journey of Prince Max through different stories. It's historical fiction, so you might think this book is just for kids, but that's not the case. It is more beneficial for adults. It contains numerous stories with different morals that can change the way people think about their future, daily life, friendships, love, and success. The story reveals Max's daily life experiences, his meetings, duties, upbringing, morals, values, and how he relates to it all. Max's stories can help you with Planning for the future: The future is in our own hands. A subtle set of attitudes leads a person to a prosperous future. Encounters with prominent personalities and careful observation of attitudes led Prince Max to a great future. A prince's education is preordained to make him worthy of the throne upon which he is to sit. These steps are critical: • Find out what kind of future you want. • Find your passion. • Use your strengths. • Always find motivation. • Don't hesitate to start the process. • Work on your plan and start implementing it. Friendships: Discipline, determination, and friends are the key to success. A person is defined by their company. When your friends are right, they will act as catalysts for your success. Prince Max recognized the importance of real friendships. You can find out how he dealt with this art in the story. Everyday life: The everyday life of managers differs from that of ordinary people. Life should have a routine or structure for mental, physical, and emotional well-being. You can achieve this by taking some time each day. In the book, you will find many things that can help. Facing Obstacles: It is not a trait of the successful to break down when they encounter obstacles. The management of such events makes a great man great. When obstacles and challenges come their way, savvy people do the following: • Don't complain • Stay positive • Face them head-on • Control emotions • Act wisely with a backup plan. Personal Development: The subject of self-assessment and personal development is subtly treated in the book. Children and adults can learn from Prince Max's stories and incorporate the vital components of a perfect personality into their own. With each story, the reader gets a message and moral. Each message and moral can help in different aspects of life.

Success is not just about going to college, getting a job, and earning a living. It’s about being happy and content in life. Successful people are always willing to learn more and better their skill sets. They invest in themselves by having knowledge about the industry, their field of work, the economyand other aspects that affect it. To be successful, one needs to invest in themselves first by learning the rules of success.

I wrote it personally for my children
Author Sezgin Ismailov

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