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Monday, October 3, 2022

The secret of the family happiness

 The secret of family happiness, as you call it, is to understand each other better. If you want respect, you also have to give it. You want joy, learn to make the other happy. The compromise is a factor in a quiet family life. Selfishness is bad for compatibility. Bad habits interfere with the harmony of understanding. If you help, you get help. In good or bad, you have to support each other. Constructive criticism is not an understatement, you should take a lesson. You must also respect the freedom of the other. The truth is that you should not put barriers between you. Everyone should take responsibility. Revenge will increase the gap between you. The pessimism will reduce your faith in the good. Forgiveness will fill the holes in your path. Insults will hurt you. Anger is the beginning of all problems.

The Rise and Fall of Great Empires

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