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Friday, May 24, 2024

I'm not complaining, but I need to talk

  No matter how much I complain there is no one to help me. But who is to blame for this . Myself. A few days ago I decided to buy an app . You have no idea what a huge advertisement . Somewhere around 5 to 6 thousand words what goodies and so on . It takes pictures from text , processes them . The best videos 4 K in seconds with artificial intelligence . The newest invention of artificial intelligence. List the world's applications at least 15 to 20 of them.The advertisement claims that this app is revolutionary and combines all these functions in one place, something unprecedented until now. As I watched the price drop from $197 to $15 in just a few hours, I found it intriguing. I thought to myself, "Why not pay for it? This seemingly insignificant amount is worth it." When I proceeded to make the payment, a window suddenly popped up asking me to pay an additional $6.60 to unlock all the features of the app. I reasoned that if the initial price was $15, then $21.60 is not a major increase. I proceeded with the payment. After completing the transaction, I received an access code. I logged into the app after getting my access. At first glance, it's not complicated. I looked at all the features. I found that there are several sections. To be able to put captions on the pictures. Or upload your photo and split it into three separate images. I tried from text to images. Totally bad. Right now I can find at least 500 apps on the internet that can make super images with a free plan. But this thing is totally very bad. I looked for a place to make a video according to their advertisement. No such thing. There was a button asking you to upgrade the program. I clicked on it to see and guess what, it says pay again. For several types of videos, a 4-digit number, for each one separately. I got out of there and pressed the button again because I thought it was some kind of mistake. No, it wasn't a mistake. I'm the one who made the mistake of thinking that it's impossible to cheat. Because I paid, through a reputable site Varrior plus.I was so good at writing a quick letter to both the seller and the broker that I don't want to use something that isn't worth a cent. Get my money back.   There is no response. Today, after 5 days, I receive a reply from the seller who tells me to try to write targeted texts so that I can get good images. The broker sends me to evaluate the application how good and strong in technology it is. Provided that I have notified them to return my funds.   I know I need to drink some cold water. In this case I am to blame, what business do I have with these newly hatched swindlers. Not forgetting to mention the app ReImmagine Ai Prime - World's 1st Stability & Deep Ai Powered 20-in-ONE App by Abhishek A Jain

The question is not how much you earn, but what stupid expenses you make. While I advise other people to spend only what they need. That and I made an elementary mistake. But let's assume that this happens often. Then comes the moment why there is never enough money.  Good, bad, that's the truth.

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