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Saturday, June 24, 2023

The wealth of the Great Kingdom - Exciting Bildungsroman

 I came across an article I didn't even know about.
It wasn't on some book blog. It was on this financial site. BENZINGA. In truth, this book is exactly for people who are looking for success in their projects. I'll take the liberty of copying it to my blog.

Sezgin Ismailov’s Prince Max continues the journey towards his goal in the new novel, “The Wealth of the Great Kingdom”.

Many readers were already introduced to Prince Max, the protagonist of this story, in the Bildungsroman “The Manners of the Great Kingdom”. In the first book, Max is only 17 years old. He has been taught a lot of theoretical knowledge by his teachers but wanted to move out into the Kingdom to gain some real experience. Every time he heard about a particular interesting person, he went to visit them and learn from them – which turned into a very different experience from learning from his teachers. In his new adventure, Max finally comes closer to making his dream come true. His thinking and acting help him along the way. His method gives many people without financial means the opportunity to behave like him and fulfill their desires as well. His path continues to this day

Confidently on the way to the goal, Max meets the love of his life, Princess Mary, during “The Wealth of the Great Kingdom” by Sezgin Ismailov. He is sure that life will give people what they want if they only learn to use the real wealth they already possess. Like the first novel in this series about Princess Max, readers will learn to have an honest look at their own lives and maybe realize that they already have more than they know. They will not only be entertained but also learn how to make their own dreams come true and find real happiness

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