Monday, June 10, 2024

Discontent and poverty go hand in hand

 The European elections have passed. The results are a reflection of the state of people in the various European countries. You can hear any opinions. Nearly fifty percent do not vote. Why . They don't care who distributes their tax money. Apparently, they don't care or don't have faith in politicians anymore. Nearly fifteen percent vote for hard-line parties. At least that's what the other parties call them. However, do the other parties ask themselves why this percentage votes for the so-called extreme parties? It's true; the coronavirus had its impact. True, the immigration raids had an impact. True, rising interest rates have had an impact. True, the rise in groceries has had an impact. It is true that European companies need human resources. I believe that the circumstances are such. But that's what politicians are for. To adopt appropriate laws on time. To prevent people from getting into a difficult situation. To reshape the budget for the benefit of the people. Imagine a family on a budget. In those few years, almost everything has doubled. This family, which could subsist on this budget, is now in such a situation that they cannot cover their expenses. What is left for them is to look for other rulers. This is the truth. I don't believe that whoever comes will have a magic wand to fix things. For as long as the world can remember, it has been getting better. But he didn't manage to recover. But I cannot blame those people who are looking for, at least in a peaceful way, an opportunity to help themselves. It is not fair for the ruling politicians to call them extreme. It would be better to sit down and talk about how they can help them. If there really is no way out, then, over time, things can get out of control. Let me assume that there are extremely nationalist sentiments. But this election was more of a signal of people's discontent because of their financial situation. It is true that people who know the psychology of people take advantage of this to break into politics. If they are very good citizens, they can offer their ideas for the benefit of the people. To use the divide and rule dilemma, Therefore, those politicians who think of the welfare of the people should take care of the problems of most people before supporting bad ideas. This is my personal opinion.

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