Friday, March 15, 2024

Advice from artificial intelligence

 Yesterday I decided to ask Gemini for advice on Google. Advice for investing in some new company that has a new hydrogen production solution. More or less, it offers the really famous ones, but there is no information yet about anyone who has discovered anything remarkable. In my view, many of the newly hatched car manufacturing companies will go bankrupt in the near future. But, hydrogen companies have a minimum 30 percent success rate. Because cars are likely to join forces with the big players and last a little longer. Therefore, there will be very little place for the new ones at the big ones. A maximum of five to seven new players. But there is no room for many players in this market. However, in energy,  I guess it is inevitable. Therefore, all of them newly hatched in the hydrogen sector cannot really succeed without capital, but they have the opportunity to sell their technologies. Indeed, Canada and Australia have very large opportunities in this market. Whether African countries get involved is up to investors. But, Africa has great potential for hydrogen production. One has to watch which new and big players will start projects there. We don't have much choice, sooner or later this will be the new green gold. The end of black gold is coming to an end. No matter what we do without energy we cannot live. It's time to choose something that actually produces hydrogen at the lowest possible cost. After all, everything is a risk.

Author Sezgin Ismailov

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